Determining Monument Costs


Granite is sold per square foot rate to monument companies so as the memorial size increases, so does the cost.


Granites come from quarries all around the world. We have access to both quality domestic granites and granites from many countries. Mountain Rose or North American Pink - quarried in Canada, is currently priced similarly to Barre Grey Granite. Canadian Pink, Canadian Mahogany (brown) and some black memorials are also middle of the line in cost. Many of the black granites become more cost effective when they are imported - all sized and polished. Delays are sometimes incurred depending on the origination and availability of various granite selections.


Special shaping, such as a heart-shaped memorial for example, can add to a cost to the memorial.


Any additional finishing of a surface, such as a polished top or sides of the tablet, can add cost to a memorial.


Lettering is typically charged per character, and is also dependent on the size of the letter/character. The larger the character, typically - the more the cost. The type of lettering will also determine the cost, for example, a frosted-outlined or raised letter typically cost more than a sandblast-sunk letter or character.

DESIGN DETAILS(e.g. custom sandblasting, hand tooling, etching etc.)

The more time an artist has to spend on creating a design, typically the more the cost. A shallow sandblasted flower for example will likely cost less than one that is hand-tooled and extra deeply carved. Any custom work done on a memorial can add additional cost. Most custom additions add a small percentage to the overall cost of a memorial.


If the artist has to redraw an initial requested memorial design, there may be an added charge - particularly for custom, hand-drawn scene work.


Once the memorial arrives locally, we schedule it for setting and installation. It will be loaded on a truck, delivered to the cemetery, unloaded, uncrated and set.


Foundation costs vary according to their size. Larger foundations will cost more than a typical foundation for a small (2' X 1') granite marker for example. Some cemeteries do their own foundation work and have specific fees. In the case where they do not, Hale Monument can either make arrangements to place a suitable concrete foundation or pour such foundations ourselves.

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